Show: Nuts About Cakes


Nuts About Cakes: the BIG Event!

OLX is three, and Nuts about cakes has to make a cake for their third anniversary celebration

Nuts About Cakes : finding the best Coffee in Nigeria

Nike arranges for some of her staff to attend a training with Kaldi coffee to learn more about coffee and how it should be made to improve their customer service.

Nuts About Cakes: Cake-Tasting Day for Nigerian Orphans

Today is the long awaited products tasting at Nuts about cakes as well as the birthday cake presentation day for children at an orphanage home in Lagos.

Nuts About Cakes: the Celebrity Hen Night

Another busy day at Nuts about cakes, there is a celebrity glam hen night coming up and Nuts About Cakes has to make a cake and deliver it to a nightclub at 2am in the morning.

Nuts About Cakes: 2Face Gets A New Cake For His Birthday!

Nuts about cakes got a call to bake a cake for legendary 2Face Idibia's 40th - Fortified birthday party with the Red-cross society of Nigeria.

Nuts About Cakes: the Angry Customer

Another busy and chaotic day at Nuts about Cakes, Nike Majekodunmi has a couple of meetings, one with a chef to discuss brand new items to put on the menu.

Nuts About Cakes: Double Surprise

.Nuts about cakes gets two different orders to bake two cakes for the same person and both cakes have to be delivered on the same day.

Nuts About Cakes: Surprise Birthdays

In this episode, Nuts about cakes has to bake and deliver a cake urgently for a surprise birthday party for a client.

Nuts About Cakes: the Big Wedding

In this second episode, “Nuts About Cakes” has to bake a 1950's themed wedding cake for a couple getting married in a week.

Nuts About Cakes: Episode 1

Introducing the first episode of "Nuts About Cakes" a brand new reality show of Nigeria's biggest and best cake store and Nigeria food

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