Presenter: Odunayo


Crazy Stories from Nigeria’s “Face Me, I Face You”

Welcome to Nigeria's Face Me, I Face You, or, as it is hilariously known in Nigeria, "Face Me, I Slap You!"

SHOCKING: Being Gay in Nigeria

If you are gay in Nigeria - it is not an easy life. The law, society, and often friends and family will discriminate against...

Why Are More People Committing Suicide in Nigeria?

BattaBox reports - why are more people committing suicide in Nigeria?

Does Family Planning Exist in Nigeria?

Watch this informative video to know how many children Nigerian Women are interested in having!

Student Crayfish Seller Talks Men, Business and Future Plans

This week Odunayo talks men, business and future plans with Queen Edet, the student crayfish seller.

The Student Crayfish Seller

This young student started a crayfish delivery business. Watch the video to see how she earns a living selling crayfish.

Would You Raise Your Children The Same Way You Were Raised?

Would you raise your children the same way you were raised? Watch the video to hear what others would do.

Can Single Mums Find Love Again?

Can Nigerian single mothers find love again? Watch the video to find out!

BattaBox Jumia DIY Squad Reduced To Tears By Homeless Woman

In this emotional episode of BattaBox DIY Squad, we surprised one of the homeless, former Otodo-Gbame residents, with a brand new home!

Should Men Be Paid More Than Women For Doing The Same Job?!

BattaBox's Odunayo hit the streets of Lagos to find out whether Nigerians think it's OK for men to be paid more than women for doing the exact same job. Watch the informative video.

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