Presenter: Odunayo


Huge Conference for Nigerian Mums comes to Lagos!

The amazing LagosMums organised the first conference of it's kind for Nigerian mothers!

MonkeyPox Hits Nigeria

The deadly disease MonkeyPox has hit Nigeria, and BattaBox goes in search of the cause...

Who is the Decision Maker – Husband or Wife?

Nigeria is a patriarchal society - men are normally head of the household. But who is the really best decision maker - the husband or wife?

Crazy Stories from Nigeria’s “Face Me, I Face You”

Welcome to Nigeria's Face Me, I Face You, or, as it is hilariously known in Nigeria, "Face Me, I Slap You!"

SHOCKING: Being Gay in Nigeria

If you are gay in Nigeria - it is not an easy life. The law, society, and often friends and family will discriminate against...

Why Are More People Committing Suicide in Nigeria?

BattaBox reports - why are more people committing suicide in Nigeria?

Does Family Planning Exist in Nigeria?

Watch this informative video to know how many children Nigerian Women are interested in having!

Student Crayfish Seller Talks Men, Business and Future Plans

This week Odunayo talks men, business and future plans with Queen Edet, the student crayfish seller.

The Student Crayfish Seller

This young student started a crayfish delivery business. Watch the video to see how she earns a living selling crayfish.

Would You Raise Your Children The Same Way You Were Raised?

Would you raise your children the same way you were raised? Watch the video to hear what others would do.

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