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BattaBox Presenters Read Your HILARIOUS Comments!

Watch the BattaBox presenters read and answer your HILARIOUS comments!

Should Former Premier League Players Play In The Nigerian League?

Should Nigerians that used to play in the English Premier League, come and play in the Nigerian League? Watch the video to find out!

Should A President Work From Home?!

Should a preseident be allowed to work from home? Watch the video to find out.

Should You Play Football For Money Or Patriotism?

Should you play football for your country for, money or patriotism? Watch the video to find out what Nigerians would do.

Should Nigerians Go To Prison For Drilling Domestic Boreholes?

Is it right to ban Nigerians from drilling domestic boreholes? Is a prison sentence too harsh? Watch the video to find out how Nigerians feel!

Nigerians: Do You Have Access To Clean Water?

Do you have access to clean water? Watch the informative video to find out how others are coping without steady water supply.

MUST WATCH: BattaBox DIY Squad Completely Transform Mr Biggie’s Home!

OMG!! Watch the video to see BattaBox's Do It Yourself Squad completely TRANSFORM Mr Biggie's house!!

BattaBox Presenters Take Yoruba City: IFE!

As part of our Ife Series, BattaBox presenters, Odunayo and Kayode took a trip to the ancient Yoruba city, Ife. Watch the video to learn more.

How Well Do You Know Your Nigerian History?

How well do you know your Nigerian history? Watch the video to find out.

BattaBox Wins Award!! Thank YOU!!

BattaBox thanks fans for their support over the years, after winning best News and Entertainment at the 2016 Apps Africa Innovation Awards.

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