Inside Nigerian Voodoo Shrine – Never-Seen-Before!! (Part 1)


Osun Oshogbo: religious sacrifices, traditional priests, temples and shrines to the old Gods and Goddesses – this is a documentary on the roots of African religion.

Every year, Osun State in South-West, celebrates the Osun Oshogbo festival – a sacred, two weeklong festival to cleanse the town and people of Oshogbo.

Mr Kolade Olayiwola, an Osun High Priest takes us on a tour of some of the shrines and the significant places in Oshogbo .

“This is the place where they first founded Osun Oshogbo, we call it ‘Idi Ogun’(Ogun is the God of Iron,” he explained the stone , “before in the olden days, it was a tree here.” he said.

Although, normally you see some of the gods on display, but some are kept sacred, away from the eyes of everyone.

“The god Obatala, God of creation is behind the door, normally we open it and go inside to appease or offer it something,” he explained.

Mr Kolade shows us an artistic building with beggars sitting outside: “That is where the first king of Oshogbo lived, this is where all the chief councils of Oshogbo meet every Friday to discuss town matters,” he explains.

He also takes us to the shrine of ‘Esu’- Messenger of all gods and divinities, the shrine of Osun – goddess of the river and the shrine of Ogun – the god of iron, where we see different ritualistic sacrifices and chanting going on.

But what we don’t know is that the gods also eat. “Ogun likes to eat animals, its favorite animal is dog,” added Mr Kolade.

“My father was a high priest of Osun, so I was born inside it, and I’m not going anywhere, ” says Mr Kolade, as he tells us how he became a high priest .

The ingredients for Yoruba science is nothing other than leaves and roots.

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  1. Na Waa! see that shrine to Ogun… have you ever been to the Osun festival?? Gist us!

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    • The title of the article and is wrong. I believe it should read as “Yoruba African Gods”. What makes the worship of our indigenous Gods any different from the imported alien Judeo/Christian/Islamic Abrahamic religion from the middle east through slavery and colonialism?

      Catholics have symbolic icons, statues and images that they bow down to. They have their esoteric words of worship which is not different from ours. I hasten to add that, until and unless we recognise the beauty of our religion, we’ll always remain subservient to the white man’s prosperity preaching religion.

  2. i’m actually from osun state but i’ve never been there, but i’ve always wanted to attend the osun oshogbo festival…shame !!! Battabox thanks o

  3. Good work. But I feel such interviews should be done in Yoruba, the language the interviewee is obviously more articulate in. Editors can then translate in subtitles with the aid of linguists.

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