Show: Osun Oshogbo


Inside Nigerian Voodoo Shrine – Never-Seen-Before!! (Part 1)

One of the world's largest Pilgrimages. Religious sacrifices, traditional priests, temples and shrines to the old Gods and Goddesses – this is a documentary on the roots of African religion.

Nigeria Shrine: where the Gods drink blood (Part 2)

BattaBox enters the Osun Oshogbo shrine where the gods stay ... and expect sacrifice. We take you inside one of the world's largest Pilgrimages.

Black-Magic Music & Juju Fashion at Nigerian Shrine (Part 3)

BattaBox explores the traditional music and fashion at the Osun Oshogbo Festival - one of the world's largest Religious Pilgrimages.

Voodoo Blood Sacrifices & Rituals for Nigerian Goddess (Part 4)

Every year, Osun State in South-West, celebrates the Osun Oshogbo festival - a sacred, two week long festival to cleanse the town and people of Oshogbo. Battabox brings you exclusive footage from this festival

Nigeria’s Great Pilgrimage – where African Gods live on… (Part 5)

Nigeria's Osun Oshogbo Festival is one of the world's biggest and most dramatic pilgrimages - as, every year, tens of thousands of people walk to the Osun River Goddess in the small town of Oshogbo. See Nigeria like you've never seen before!

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