How-to roast Bush Meat… Nigeria Food! Food: it's called 'Pomo' or bush meat - and this short video clip shows you how the Mama's on the roadside in Lagos roast or barbecue the meat for eating! Looks good!

Funny Dancing Nigerian Baby … well, sort of! love to dance - but this time, one guy has his baby wrapped around his back - we're not sure why 'cause this is normally for the mother to carry... but it doesn't stop our guy from dancing!

Funny Nigeria: Street Seller Dance!, funny Nigeria video from the streets of Lagos - Nigerians love to dance and if there's some music playing somewhere, we take any opportunity, even when working, to move our body!

Nigerian Music: security guard rapper… singing, not working! Music - Ara nbe timo fe da!When you've left your house or office - what does your Nigeria security guard get up to while you're away?We've collected some of our favorite videos and images of how they are earning their living while you're...

Video: is Nigeria the Big Man of Africa? (Nigeria Transport) The popular yellow and black Danfo buses in Lagos seat roughly 14-16 people ... And for the young bus conductors hanging off the side - there is only one way to fill them!You must shout, cajole and hustle for customers because people...

How-to carry your baby on your back, African style! … and if the baby falls u must run naked… (Nigeria Baby) It's why we love our African Mama's so much - they carried us on their backs for so long... but how do they do it? Especially when it is forbidden for the baby to fall o! (if they do you must run...

Quick fight at car accident in Lagos Street Scene in Lagos, Nigeria as a fight breaks out after a car accident - trouble dey o!

Nigeria Wahala at car accident in Lagos A short video in Lagos, Nigeria of a fight breaking out at a car accident... notice all traffic must stop as everyone gets involved!

Nigeria Food: don’t push in the Amala queue o! Food: video of a long queue for this woman's roadside Amala - but don't push o!

FUNNY NIGERIA: Big Belly Papa Dance (Part 2) Dance) One of BattaBox's most popular videos - we snapped the guy just enjoying himself too much in Lagos as a street DJ played his tunes... we think it's best explained by the understanding that we Nigerians love to dance!As one of the...

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