Nigeria roads turn to rivers in flood!

(Latest Nigeria News - Nigeria roads) Recent heavy rains have flooded Lagos - but we carry go jor! Okadas, Keke Napep, rolled up trouser...

Nigeria Roadside Street Snacks!

Nigeria Food: street scene in Lagos showing how to cook some tasty corn on a roadside charcoal burner.

Nigerians speak on new traffic laws in Lagos

Nigeria: Lagos State has introduced new traffic laws for drivers to try and control the crazy driving on the roads, but not everyone is...

Nigeria Video: “Act your age – stop pushing!”

Nigeria Street Scene from Lagos as people hustle, push and shove...! Ah Lagos no be easy o!

Family Fight in Nigeria – Caught on Camera!

We're not sure what the argument is about but this video is a street scene of a family fight in Lagos, Nigeria - this...

Nigeria Trouble: “You go pay me my money!”

Street scene from Lagos, Nigeria of a fight as two guys argue over money... classic scene of Nigeria trouble!

Nigeria: how to prepare your roadside grain!

Street Scene from Lagos, Nigeria to prepare your grain - you definitely need skills to do this o!

Video: exhausted in Nigeria… body no be wood o!

Nigeria Street scene in a Lagos bus - this guy is obviously very tired - life in Nigeria is not easy o and everyone...

Nigeria: argument with bus conductor just to get change!

Anyone who has taken a bus in Lagos, Nigeria knows this scene! Every time you must out hustle the hustle of the bus conductor...

Nigeria: “body no be wood o”

Dis Naija - e no be easy and body no be wood shah... (*clasp hands in conciliatory manner*) ... especially for this guy.If you...

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