Nigeria street fight that gets a little too serious!

Nigeria Video of friends in Lagos fooling around and play-flighting... but the joke gets a little too serious!

Beautiful Nigeria – the Night Bus Pastor

(Real-Life Nollywood - Beautiful Nigeria) A warm evening in Lagos and commuters are headed home on the local buses, or Danfos, through the winding...

How to get your motorbike back from Nigeria Traffic Cops!

Video showing you all the trouble you have to go through if you want to get your Okada back from LASTMA... no be easy...

Nigeria Food: how-to cook Ewedu with a BROOM!

Short Street Scene in Lagos - this woman is cooking up some tasty Nigeria Food - and check out what she uses to stir...

Beautiful Nigeria: Prophet converts people at bus-stop!

Pastors need a congregation and where better to find people than a busy Lagos bus-stop...?! And for the passengers - well, we suppose they...

Nigeria: a typical fight at the Bus-Stop

Street scene in Lagos of the bus conductor and passengers fighting at a bus-stop! The hustle and Nigeria wahala is too much o!

“Made in Nigeria” Fitness Gym!

Nigerians will get there any way they can! See this intrepid guy pumping iron with some home-made weights! Who says there isn't anything made...

Shaking bums and dancing in Nigeria Church

These people are enjoying their Nigeria church music ... maybe a little too much! Plenty dancing and bum shaking...

Video of crazy queue for just one factory job in Nigeria!

We have so many talented young men and women in Nigeria ... but there are also so little work to employ them... check out...

Nigeria: how-to make “Mai Tea” … Breakfast-to-Go!

(Nigeria Food) A roadside stall shows us how to mix up a classic Nigerian Food dish... or drink! Mai Tea to prepare you for...

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