Nigerian Music: Don Jazzy VS D’Banj !!

Nigerian Music most famous singer and producer combo have split - so who do you prefer - Don Jazzy or D'Banj?! BattaBox hits the...

Video: the Nigerian Rat Killer!

(Nigeria News) Rats are so common in Nigeria that we sell rat poison in traffic - and everyone uses 'kill & dry' (unless u...

Funny Nigeria! Ice-Cream Fight!

Funny Nigeria Video of two hawkers fighting over space - dem dey buy am?! - to sell their FAN Nigerian ice-cream in Las Gidi."Who...

“Made In Nigeria” Bed-Bug Killer Spray!

(Nigeria Jobs) "Lazy man na hungry man" - but not Dr John - a Lagos entrepreneur who has created his own business and formula...

Nigeria Food: Kuli Kuli & Garri seller

Selling Nigeria Food in a wheelbarrow - this is a street scene from Lagos, Nigeria of a Kuli Kuli and Garri seller...

Nigeria: the Cutest Birthday Party Ever!

Street scene from Lagos, Nigeria - is thisthe cutest birthday party you ever did see... look at the small bottles and tables - we...

Nigeria Pastor tells women to stop exposing themselves!

(Nigeria Pastor) Before he can buy any private jets or mega-churches - every pastor of a Nigerian church must start somewhere... most on the...

Funny Nigeria: “I let you slap me because I respect you!”

Funny Nigeria street scene in Lagos of men arguing until one gives the other a slap... but it's okay because he respects him... errrr...

Video: not invited? just turn up to a Nigerian party!

Not invited to a Nigeria party - Mo Gbo Mo Branch - just turn up!

Nigerian invention to solve electricity problems!

Street scene in Lagos, Nigeria of an Aboki with a strange device that lights up... will it solve our NEPA crisis?! A funny Nigerian...

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