Nigeria: don’t fall in the muddy roads!

See what Lagos, Nigeria looks like after the rains... and unlike this guy - just don't fall in o!

Nigeria Street Scene – best place to chop bread & Moi Moi!

These days you can't find a quiet corner to eat without BattaBox surprising you! This is a video of a short street scene of...

Do the Nigeria Oliver Twist dance wherever you can!

Everyone wants to do the Nigeria Oliver Twist dance to the same song by D'Banj... and these guys are no exception! nice moves... we...

Nigeria Food: how to cook Bonos!

Roadside Nigeria food hawker shows us how to cook some tasty Bonos!

Nigeria: about which man are these women speaking?!

Nigeria women love to gossip and we caught these three ladies in deep conversation - surely it must be about a man ;-)

Crazy! Big Nigeria woman attacks motorcyclist!

Funny street scene from Lagos as a fight breaks out between one big Nigeria woman and a small motorbike taxi guy...!

Funny Nigeria Fight – keep your motorbike helmet on always!

(Funny Nigeria) Short street scene video of a fight in Lagos - we love the way one guy has kept his motorcycle helmet on!...

Funny Nigeria: the VIP bus conductor!

(Funny Nigeria) Short street scene video of a Lagos bus conductor using a megaphone to call customers - not the traditional hustle but VIP...

Nigeria Food: Aboki sells Agbalumo

Short street scene of a Nigeria food hawker selling Agbalumo in a wheelbarrow! Tasty!

Nigeria Funny Video: bottom of the bowl is sweetest!

Video of young boy thoroughly enjoying his Mama's good Nigeria Food.. all the way to the bottom of the pot! Na bottom pot dey sweet...

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