Funny Nigeria! Ice-Cream Fight!

Funny Nigeria Video of two hawkers fighting over space - dem dey buy am?! - to sell their FAN Nigerian ice-cream in Las Gidi."Who...

“Made In Nigeria” Bed-Bug Killer Spray!

(Nigeria Jobs) "Lazy man na hungry man" - but not Dr John - a Lagos entrepreneur who has created his own business and formula...

Nigeria Food: Kuli Kuli & Garri seller

Selling Nigeria Food in a wheelbarrow - this is a street scene from Lagos, Nigeria of a Kuli Kuli and Garri seller...

Nigeria: the Cutest Birthday Party Ever!

Street scene from Lagos, Nigeria - is thisthe cutest birthday party you ever did see... look at the small bottles and tables - we...

Nigeria Pastor tells women to stop exposing themselves!

(Nigeria Pastor) Before he can buy any private jets or mega-churches - every pastor of a Nigerian church must start somewhere... most on the...

Funny Nigeria: “I let you slap me because I respect you!”

Funny Nigeria street scene in Lagos of men arguing until one gives the other a slap... but it's okay because he respects him... errrr...

Video: not invited? just turn up to a Nigerian party!

Not invited to a Nigeria party - Mo Gbo Mo Branch - just turn up!

Nigerian invention to solve electricity problems!

Street scene in Lagos, Nigeria of an Aboki with a strange device that lights up... will it solve our NEPA crisis?! A funny Nigerian...

Nigeria: scenes of devastation after Kuramo Ocean Surge

UPDATED: (Latest Nigeria News) BattaBox has new video showing the scenes of devastation at the Kuramo beach community in Lagos only days after an...

Strange street joke in Nigeria…

We're not sure about this short street scene in Lagos, Nigeria - only that it's a very strange joke ...

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