Nigeria Street Scene: goat wan chop o!

A random street scene of a man and his goat who wants to eat in Lagos, Nigeria

Nigeria: pink traffic cops harass motorcyclist

Nigeria: There are so many different types of National and State police in Lagos with different coloured shirts... who are these guys with pink...

Would you say YES or NO to 2FACE Idibia marriage proposal??

Nigerian Music: We all know and love 2Face Idibia joh!... and we all know about him and his plenty, plenty women! (how many pekin...

You will pay Nigeria electricity bill by force!

Nigeria Electricity: Most Nigerians count themselves lucky if they get a few hours of electricity a day - but the government still wants you...

Na correct way to pound Nigeria Yam!

Short street scene of a guy in Lagos pounding yam in the traditional and correct way for the classic Nigerian Yam dishes! We can't...

Who will settle this Nigeria fight?

There's plenty of wahala in Lagos, Nigeria ... but without an Oga to settle some arguments they can go on and on... so who...

Nigeria debates the Army Officer who drove in BRT lane

Lagos Governor Fashola stopped a military officer from driving in the BRT bus lane... civilian power vs military power ... so we headed out...

Nigerian Comedy: grab that guy by the trouser!

Nigerian Comedy in real-life! In any fight in Lagos someone in authority will try and grab you by the trouser to take you away...

Typical Lagos! Everyone wants to help at car accident!

Street scene of what could be almost any car accident in Lagos, Nigeria - plenty of people will come, try to help, start shouting...

Pop! Pop! Pop! Nigeria student Champagne party!

Video of a graduation party in a university in Lagos, Nigeria... plenty of champagne, music and dancing! We wish we were there o...

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