Nigerian Comedy: how-to park your car in Lagos!

Nigerian Comedy: To park your car in Nigeria you always need at least one very enthusiastic parking attendant to wave and call and tell...

Money Wahala in Nigeria

An evening street scene in Lagos as people argue over money ... Naija we hail thee!

Rivalry between Nigeria Doctors VS Health Workers spills into streets

Two rival protests spilled into the streets of the capital Abuja over the Nigeria Health Care bill.On one side: Nigeria Doctors marched in support...

How-to cook Akara… Nigerian Food!

Nigerian Food: Ever wondered how Nigerian Mama's get their roadside Akara tasting so sweet?! We hit the streets of Lagos to find out...A few...

Caught on Camera: Nigeria traffic cop climbs into someone’s car!

(Nigeria News) The scene is all too familiar but still shocking - Lagos traffic police entering your car.We don't know the offence, but watch...

Nigerian Fashion: the famous “bend-down-select” clothes market

Nigerian Fashion: most Nigerians get their clothes from the markets where huge piles of imported clothes from the West are brought in bundles that...

LASTMA wahala in Nigeria

Short video of a street scene in Lagos of some wahala with the Lagos traffic police - LASTMA!

Nigerian Food: Made-In-Nigeria BEER !!

Nigeria Food: BattaBox has found a home-made Nigerian brewery in Lagos, called by the Mama's making the beer: "Burukutu - my big pot o!"The Mamas running...

Nigerian Comedy: Street Pidgin Jokes

Nigerian Comedy: video of some random pidgin jokes straight from the streets of Lagos, Nigeria.

Nigerian Comedy: BlackBerry phone or Brazilian hair??

Nigerian Comedy: a Nigerian BlackBerry is more expensive than Brazilian hair so which would you prefer to buy? We hit the streets of Lagos...

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