How-to “Point & Kill” fish – Naija-Style! (Nigerian Food)

Nigerian food video on how to 'point & kill' fish at the local market... we're sorry for the fish but looking forward to some...

Amazing Nigeria: HOME-MADE Ping-Pong!

Short video captured in Lagos of two guys playing home-made Ping-Pong... a bench and two wooden boards for bats are all you need!

Nigeria Fashion: Gbogbo Bigz Girls Fashion

Nigeria fashion: Swagger pass Swagger! Looking good is no accident in Nigeria and first impressions matter- how you dress can be the difference between...

Eating bread & fish Lagos-style

(Nigerian Food) Video with a road-side Mama selling bread and fish - a tasty meal to remind anyone of home!

Funny: Nigeria’s very own “Ghetto-Idol” (Funny Video! – real-life Yoruba Movie)

(Real-life Yoruba Movie!) Street video taken in the hood of some Area Boys in Lagos, Nigeria as they relax with some Ogogoro (or alcohol!),...

Nigeria Area Boys with Ogogoro (real-life Yoruba Movie)

(Real-life Yoruba Movie) Video taken in the hood of some Nigeria Area Boys in Lagos as the relax with some Ogogoro (alcohol!), sing some...

Man shows his scars – believes Nigeria Hospitals have not changed since 1980s…

(Nigeria Hospitals) Mr Dotun was a young man when he had his first near-death experience in Nigeria hospitals:"The scars are still there," Mr Dotun...

Funny Nigeria – auditioning on top of the bus!

Nigeria Idol is one of the country's most popular shows - and everyone wants to get involved... see this guy on top of a...

Fight as passengers try to get seat on Nigeria bus!

Nigeria Wahala - a short street video of an argument breaking out as the bus conductor tries to fill the bus (or Danfo! in...

Check out Nigeria’s “ATM” food

Nigerian Food - hungry in Lagos? Check out our video of where to get street food to 'chop-on-the-go'!ATM = Any Time Meal ... or...

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