What is BattaBox?! (trailer!)

Nigeria's most exciting News & Entertainment channel - this video is all about - what is BattaBox?!!

Video: Nigeria Street Wrestling!

A video from the streets of Lagos, Nigeria of two young boys wrestling over an argument - although, we're not sure what the fight...

Funny Nigeria: man dances his troubles away!

Funny Nigeria - we love to dance! Check this guy just easing the stress of Lagos to the tunes on his Keke Napep! Suffering...

Nigeria man caught pickpocketing by crowd – caught on camera!

(Nigeria News) Caught on camera - a young Nigeria man in Lagos is accused of stealing at a local bus-stop and dealt with by...

Nigeria: is James Ibori a Criminal or Hero?

Nigeria's James Ibori was prosecuted and arrested in the UK for corruption and money laundering... what do people in Nigeria think about the case...

Funny Nigeria Fight: “Just come one by one!” (just like in the Nigerian Movies!)

Just like in the Nigerian movies - na so so mouth Yoruba boys get, them no sabi fight in dis Nigeria fight o!"Just come...

Nigeria Man goes crazy in Lagos for few minutes… Beware!

We all feel like going crazy sometimes in Nigeria... this is a classic street scene of one guy venting his frustrations... sorry o!

Nigeria woman abuses Traffic Cops – “Do you know my husband??”

Street scene in Lagos, Nigeria - don't mess with this woman o - don't you know who her husband is??!

Nigeria: don’t fall in the muddy roads!

See what Lagos, Nigeria looks like after the rains... and unlike this guy - just don't fall in o!

Nigeria Street Scene – best place to chop bread & Moi Moi!

These days you can't find a quiet corner to eat without BattaBox surprising you! This is a video of a short street scene of...

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