How-to fill a Danfo in 1min 21secs!

Nigeria bus conductors are real hustlers! See this guy push and shout to get his passengers to fill his Lagos Danfo as quickly as...

Video of Nigerian police harassing Okada

Caught on camera - see the Nigerian police stop and harass Okada drivers in Lagos

LASTMA abeg don’t tow my car!!

Short video of a classic scene of wahala in Lagos with the traffic police - LASTMA! Abeg don't tow my car...

Nigeria makes man go MAD for a few seconds…

Nigeria's mega-city can drive anyone crazy and for just a few seconds - caught on camera by BattaBox! - this guy seems to lose...

Garri Flakes for breakfast

... see these two Naija young guys with their metal bowl and Garri Flakes - they wan chop good Nigerian food o. Garri flakes...

Short Fight: David VS Goliath!

Video of two Nigeria guys on the streets of Lagos abusing each other and throwing curses!"Wakka! Wakka!"... and is that guy wearing an Asda...

Area Boys Seize Okada

See Guy! He get Area Boy swagger - just seizing that motorcycle like that... King of the Area Boys!

Shake your Bum-Bum at Student Party – just like in the Nigerian Movies!

Video of a Lagos student party in Nigeria where everybody wants to dance and shake their bum-bum just like in the Nigerian movies! These...

Nigerian Comedy: how-to park your car in Lagos!

Nigerian Comedy: To park your car in Nigeria you always need at least one very enthusiastic parking attendant to wave and call and tell...

Money Wahala in Nigeria

An evening street scene in Lagos as people argue over money ... Naija we hail thee!

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