Funny Naija: would you sell your friend for $1million?

Funny Naija Gist - would you sell your friend for $1million? Check out the video to hear the answers... would you sell your friend...

How-to make traditional Eba… Nigeria Food!

Nigerian Food: a short video on how to make traditional Eba in a Lagos roadside stall... get your pounding club out!

Burning Bones in Nigeria Abattoir

Short video of how to get rid of the bones and horns from cattle in a Nigeria abbattoir in the Mega-City of Lagos

How-to roast Bush Meat… Nigeria Food!

Nigerian Food: it's called 'Pomo' or bush meat - and this short video clip shows you how the Mama's on the roadside in Lagos...

Funny Dancing Nigerian Baby … well, sort of!

Nigerians love to dance - but this time, one guy has his baby wrapped around his back - we're not sure why 'cause this...

Funny Nigeria: Street Seller Dance!

Short, funny Nigeria video from the streets of Lagos - Nigerians love to dance and if there's some music playing somewhere, we take any...

Nigerian Music: security guard rapper… singing, not working!

Nigerian Music - Ara nbe timo fe da!When you've left your house or office - what does your Nigeria security guard get up to...

Video: is Nigeria the Big Man of Africa?

(Nigeria Transport) The popular yellow and black Danfo buses in Lagos seat roughly 14-16 people ... And for the young bus conductors hanging off...

How-to carry your baby on your back, African style! … and if the baby...

(Nigeria Baby) It's why we love our African Mama's so much - they carried us on their backs for so long... but how do...

Quick fight at car accident in Lagos

Street Scene in Lagos, Nigeria as a fight breaks out after a car accident - trouble dey o!

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