Eating bread & fish Lagos-style

(Nigerian Food) Video with a road-side Mama selling bread and fish - a tasty meal to remind anyone of home!

Funny: Nigeria’s very own “Ghetto-Idol” (Funny Video! – real-life Yoruba Movie)

(Real-life Yoruba Movie!) Street video taken in the hood of some Area Boys in Lagos, Nigeria as they relax with some Ogogoro (or alcohol!),...

Nigeria Area Boys with Ogogoro (real-life Yoruba Movie)

(Real-life Yoruba Movie) Video taken in the hood of some Nigeria Area Boys in Lagos as the relax with some Ogogoro (alcohol!), sing some...

Man shows his scars – believes Nigeria Hospitals have not changed since 1980s…

(Nigeria Hospitals) Mr Dotun was a young man when he had his first near-death experience in Nigeria hospitals:"The scars are still there," Mr Dotun...

Funny Nigeria – auditioning on top of the bus!

Nigeria Idol is one of the country's most popular shows - and everyone wants to get involved... see this guy on top of a...

Fight as passengers try to get seat on Nigeria bus!

Nigeria Wahala - a short street video of an argument breaking out as the bus conductor tries to fill the bus (or Danfo! in...

Check out Nigeria’s “ATM” food

Nigerian Food - hungry in Lagos? Check out our video of where to get street food to 'chop-on-the-go'!ATM = Any Time Meal ... or...

Police harass Okada drivers

Video of Nigeria police harassing Okada drivers on the streets of Lagos... should this be just another everyday event?

Naija street guy fashion tips!

Naija fashion: Swagger pass Swagger! Looking good is no accident in Nigeria and first impressions matter- how you dress can be the difference between...

Nigeria: the best advert for washing-powder ever?

(Nigeria) Check this guy out selling washing powder... there's only one way to prove it really works and that's to wash in the drains...

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