Do you prefer SEX with lights ON or OFF?

Do people like the lights on or off when they have sex? BattaBox presenter Warri Pikin hits the streets of Lagos, Nigeria to find out – with some hilarious answers!

“I like the lights when they are off, because that off time is when the real koko happens!” says one lady.

Do you like the lights on, or off, or maybe even with a low light romantic colour? Polls from some light bulb companies indicate that the majority of people prefer to keep the lights on during sex – and in our street poll, that certainly seems to be the case. Although, definitely more men like to keep the lights switched on than women.

The pros for keeping the lights on include being able to see your partner naked, which can be very stimulating. It also means you both can see what you’re doing! But if you’re not comfortable with your body, then maybe it will help to switch them off.

But there are also pros to switching off the lights – as it allows you to focus on all your other senses, like touch and smell, to really help get things moving.

“I like to use coloured lights,” explains one Lagos trader. “I like coloured lights because it gives it a deeper meaning.”

“I don’t care – light dey, light no dey – it has no effect on the thing!” says one Nigerian man with a big smile.

“I prefer it to be dark,” laughs on Nigerian woman. “It helps you get the attention of your partner – I prefer it to be dark!”

Perhaps, a romantic way to keep the lights on and off – would be to use candles!


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  1. for me the light should be off because am a woman and all women I think wants the light to be off. we want our men to look for us and go on an adventure to our body. if the light is on that mean he has seen it all and nothing to go on an adventure on.

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