A Road Trip to the Beach at Boglo Village

The big city life of Lagos can be very stressful in Nigeria, and sometimes you just want to get away from it all. So BattaBox leads the way and takes a road trip to the beach.

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Boglo village is in Badagry, along the coast towards Benin and Ghana. The road trip journey leaves the BattaBox, down the Alimosho road to Lasu Iba Expressway, to Lasu Iyana Iba Lagos and Badagry Roundabout, and finally arriving at Sapo Suntan Beach in Badagry at Boglo village.

“You see, we are big boys, we chartered the whole Keke Napep,” laughs our BattaBox Presenter YP Fluorin. “We don’t want to take Uber, we travel like original Nigeria!”

We travel by Keke Napep, Danfo bus, okada, and by foot.

When you arrive at Sapo Suntan beach, the sun is going down and you are welcomed by some naturally growing fruit.

“I don’t know the name, but it’s like grapes and tastes sweet,” explains our BattaBox editor Ebenezer.

Do you go to the beach for a weekend break from the hustle of Lagos, Nigeria? Gist us!

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