Should A President Work From Home?!


President Buhari has been away from the public eye for quite sometime now.

He is rumoured to be ill and has been flying in and out of Nigeria causing many to speculate about his health and his ability to lead Nigeria.

To add to the drama, we are hearing that he has plans to work from home.

So BattaBox decided to send Kayode out and about to find out from Nigerians if it is ok for their president to run Nigeria from the comfort of his home.

Here are some of their interesting answers…

“I have never seen this! Running government from home!” one man says.

“When you’re not feeling fine and you’re facing so much troubles, maybe he has no choice.”

“I don’t think it is right but in Nigeria…you don’t really have to do the right thing.”


What do you think?

Is it ok for a president to run an entire country from his home?

Thanks for watching!


  1. There’s nothing wrong with working from his home. That’s exactly what the President of the US does everyday. He work in the White house and his private home. And he’s not even sick. Give the man a little ease up now.