Earlier this year the Lagos State Government announced that they want to replace danfos with 5000 brand new buses.

Do you think this is a good idea?

BattaBox sent Warri Pikin out to find out from Nigerians if they are happy with the Lagos State Government’s proposal.

Here are some of their interesting points…

“They have reasons why they want commot danfo…If the new buses no go get issues like one chance, the issues plenty, those drivers they no dey respect traffic rule at all,” one man explains why they should replace danfos with new buses.

“It will create more employment opportunities.”

“…5000 buses can’t contain Lagos as a whole…it is not right for him to make that decision to remove danfo from Lagos State.”

“Some of these danfos…nah death trap.”

What do you think?

Should they replace the danfo buses with 5000 brand new buses?

Thanks for watching!


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