The minimum wage in Nigeria is N18,000, one of the lowest in the world.

That’s right, the Nigerian government genuinely feels that Nigerian men and women can have quality of life with a monthly salary of N18,000 in 2017!!

Last year, Nigerians asked for an increase via a proposal of┬áN56,000 and N90,000; however, the figure hasn’t shifted from N18,000.

In the current economic climate where goods and the cost of living has doubled and in some cases risen even higher than just half, Nigerians are even more desperate for the minimum wage to increase but will the Nigerian government hear the cry of the people?

BattaBox decided to ask Nigerians how the feel about the minimum wage. Here are some of their answers…

“It’s unrealistic compared with the cost of living in Nigeria,” one man exclaims.

“If you look at it from every angle, it’s not fair enough,” another states.

“Obviously it’s very wrong. You can’t go to school for four years and come out and still be earning N18,000,” a young lady explains.

How do you feel about the minimum wage? Should it be increased?

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  1. I feel bad whenever I listened to the news or going through the dailies our elected officials saying no to salary increase. But I know that human wants cannot be satisfied. The other way round if we look at the salaries of federal workers they are far away from states. I’m pleading with our government to look into this and correct the situation whenever there’s increase.