Should Nigerians Go To Prison For Drilling Domestic Boreholes?

18 MILLION Lagosians do not have access to clean water.

So Nigerians have taken matters into their own hands by digging boreholes in their compounds in order to generate their own water; however, the Lagos State Government wants to ban the drilling of domestic boreholes without government authorisation (WATCH our ‘Nigerians: Do You Have Access To Clean Water’ video) and breach can lead to jail!!!

As you can imagine, Nigerians are not too pleased about this law so on World Water Day (March 22) BattaBox presenter, Kayode joined frustrated Nigerians as they marched in protest…

“We are going there! If you want to tear gas us again today you can do it!” one angry protester yells as she is prevented from entering Governor Ambode’s office.

“Our water our right!

Our water is our right!

Our water, our water, our water is our right!” they sing.

What do you think?

Is it right to ban Nigerians from providing their own water?

Thanks for watching!

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