Size or Skills, what matters most?

Happy new month, guys! We just brought back that your hilarious section on Battabox and we know you will like this segment as many Lagos babes have let us in on what is more important to them in their man when it comes to the topic of SEX.

The ladies man, Flourin YP just hit the street asking his catch on the street of Lagos and guess what we discovered. Whisper “”What is more important to you ladies, is it the size or skill?””, follow us on this journey and let us know what you think?

“”You might be jackie Chan, but if you don’t have the size then it won’t matter,”” says one guy,

I need to know what is inside me, you cant be inside and I will be asking you, Uncle have you entered, is his your finger?, a lady hilariously said.

The same lady also said she prefers the size of a tuber of yam, and she can consider a huge carrot size, more like the size of our microphone. What!!!

Another lady said, the skill is more important to her and not the size.

“”Even though my guys penis is small, what matters most is the love we share””, another lady said.

We shifted our thought to even ask the guy “”lagos bobo””, what they think matters to the ladies when it comes to sex, and these is what they said:

“”It has to be the size ooo because some of this girls cucumber no dey reach them””, a guy said. He further said “”you might have a lot of skills, even like Jackie Chan and you dick is small, what are you going to be doing now?

Now we need to understand what that guy on black means, which one is biro cover ooo? To him, he thinks both the size and skills matter.

What do you think, Size or Skill? Let us know what you think in the comment section ;~)


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