How to SMELL GOOD in Nigeria!

Nigeria is a country with some very high temperatures, but that doesn’t stop Nigerians being very busy. Sometimes that means breaking into a sweat. So what are the tips to smelling good whatever the heat?

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Self grooming is very important in Nigeria, and nobody wants a partner that smells like burnt fufu with a small bit of fish.

“I use good perfumes, good body spray, and good roll on,” says one Lagos girl. “So when people pass by, they will breathe deep!”

“I have a good bath, use deodorant, and some fragrance,” says one young man.

But smelling good can be expensive, especially perfume, especially for the men who often are the ones who buy the perfume for their girlfriends.A good perfume to make you smell good can cost between N15,000 to N20,000.

How to do make yourself smell good in Nigeria? Gist us in the comments!

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