Show: Street Gist


HILARIOUS: What’s Your Most Embarrassing Moment?!

What's YOUR most embarrassing moment? Watch the video to hear others' HILARIOUS embarrassing moments!

Nigerians: Do You Have Electricity In Your Area?!

Do you have electricity in your area? Watch the video to find out how others are coping with the lack of 24/7 power in their areas.

What’s The WORST Valentine’s Gift You’ve Ever Received?

Thought your Valentine's gift was bad?! Watch the video to see the awful gifts others received!

Do Nigerian Men Marry For Love?

Do Nigerian men marry for love or other reasons? Watch the video to find out.

Rivers State: Was The Re-Run Election Rigged?!

Rivers State recently held a re-run election to determine who the legitimate government of Rivers State is. The question is - Was it free and fair? Watch the video to find out.

People In Abuja Complain Of The High Cost Of Living

Battabox presenter Timothy asks Nigerians on the streets in Abuja to compare the standard of living in Abuja with that of Lagos and here were some of their replies.

Funny: Nigerians Sing Their Favorite TV Jingles

Battabox presenter go to the streets of Lagos to ask Nigerians if they remembered their favorite old TV & Radio commercial jingles and asked them to sing and dance to them, some of which were very hilarious.

Do Nigerians Still Buy Newspaper?

Do Nigerians Still Read Newspaper? Battabox presenter BollyLomo speaks to some Nigerians on the streets of Lagos.

Is Marriage STILL For Better Or For Worse?

BattaBox presenter BollyLomo asks Nigerians on the streets of Lagos - Is Marriage For Better For Worse? And some of their answers were quite shocking.

BollyLomo and Timothy’s Street Vlog

BattaBox presenters Timothy and BollyLomo share some of their experiences on the streets of Lagos while filming BattaBox stories.

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