Queen Edet started a crayfish delivery business.

The university student has done so well that she now has customers all over Nigeria and has big plans to become an international crayfish seller.

When BattaBox heard about Queen Edet we decided to send Odunayo to meet with her to find out about her interesting business.

Here is some of the information she shared with us…

“I bring them from Akwa Ibom state.”

“It started when I finished my internship…this is what I learned from my granny. I grew up with this. I used to help her,” Queen Edet explains to Odunayo.

“I had this challenge of friends trying to mock at me and almost making me drop what I was doing because of the mockery…so I had to cut the ties of such friendship,” she tells Odunayo.

If you would like to place an order, you can reach Queen Edet on +2348058120848.

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