Top 5 FUNNIEST Videos of Nigerian Politicians

These are the top 5 funniest videos of Nigerian politicians!

Nigerian Politicians can be serious, crazy, dangerous, and often disappointing. And sometimes the country’s politicians can be hilarious, although not always intentionally! So BattaBox has found the top 5 funniest videos of Nigerian politicians for your viewing pleasure.

The first on our list is “Chai, There Is God o!” from the Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan, wife of Nigeria’s former president Goodluck Jonathan. The video was recorded as the first lady attempted to contain a growing crisis over the kidnapping of 276 girls from Chibok village in 2014. But, the emotion Patience Jonathan displayed at Aso Rock quickly because a viral video, not least because of her repetition of the phrase “Chai, There Is God o! Chai, There Is God o!”

Next up on our BattaBox presenter Eve’s list of the Top 5 funniest videos of Nigerian politicians is by the “Professor” Patrick Obahiagbo, Chief of Staff to the Edo State Governor, invited onto the national Channels morning show “Sunrise” to discuss the ongoing political crisis in Rivers state. The Chief of Staff then used the platform of the show to show off his knowledge of obscure English words and even Latin.

“The political crinkum-crankum, or if you like the political higgie-hagga that has enveloped the politics of Rivers state for eons now, has all the trappings of an…” – and to be honest we don’t understand the rest, but check out the video, it’s hilarious!

The third video is of a northern lawmaker – Gudaji Kazaure – who used a rather odd description and physical action to describe Nigeria’s economy:

“The Nigerian economy is doing like, it’s doing like this, and it’s blinking and shaking!”

The fourth viral funniest video of Nigerian politicians became a song, a t-shirt, and even the name of a movie! It is our now famous Obafaiye Shem of the NSCDC, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, discussing the new government website for the NSCDC. The problem was, Obafaiye Shem did not know and referred everyone to his “Oga at the Top!” and when pressed gave a very unsure answer of the actual address of the website.

Just in case, we have not checked with our “Oga At The Top” but the correct address is:

And, last but not least, the final video is one of the funniest videos of a dancing Nigerian politician, Senator Ademola Adeleke, who has now become famous as arguably Nigeria’s best political dancer!

Do you agree with our Top 5 funniest videos of Nigerian politicians? From Dame Patience Jonathan with her “Chai, there is god o!” to the “crinkum-crankum and political higgie-hagga” of Rivers state on Sunrise, to our Oga-At-The-Top giving some hilarious dance moves!

Which is your funniest Nigerian political video? Gist us in the comments and let us know if we missed any!

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