Do You Know Viral Hepatitis Can Be More Dangerous Than HIV?!

Nigeria has one of the highest rates of Viral Hepatitis in the world.

So BattaBox decided to send Odunayo to meet with Dr Tega Eyohwo to find out how to prevent, manage and cure viral hepatitis…

“Viral hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver caused by hepato-tropic (liver specific) viruses,” the doctor explains.

“What are the symptoms?” Odunayo asks.

“It is quite rare to see the symptoms…that’s why it’s called the silent killer,” he explains.

Odunayo was given a tour of First Heritage Hospital before getting tested for hepatitis B and C.

To stay healthy, see your doctor about getting vaccinated and if you are already showing symptoms of viral hepatitis, please visit your doctor immediately!

If you would like to contact Dr Tega Eyohwo, you can reach him on +234 802 846 5648, +234 803 494 4948.

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  1. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, visit your doctor ASAP. Health is wealth.
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  2. Next time Dr, please use a new latex glove on your patient every time you attend to them… not contaminated one you’ve held a pen and touched your notepad with.

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