We ask Nigerians if Trump is right – is Nigeria a SHITHOLE ??

American president Donald Trump described countries in Africa – including Nigeria – as well as Haiti and El Salvador as “shithole countries” during a White House meeting.

The comments are have been extremely controversial so BattaBox hits the streets of Lagos to ask Nigerians – is Nigeria a “shithole”?

When Trump talked about Africa, he also reportedly stated that Nigerians moving to the USA would be so in love with America that they would never “go back to their huts” in Africa.

“Everybody has problems in this country,” says one young girl, agreeing with Trump.

“We need to decide for ourselves, are we living in a shithole country.” says one young man. “We must throw it back in Trump’s face.”

“I am proud to be an African!” says Lagosian.

“Tell me we’re developing, tell me we’re not there yet, but don’t tell me we’re a shithole,” argued one Lagos trader.

“Donald Trump is a troublemaker!” says one Nigerian baba.

What do you think? Is Nigeria a “shithole” as Trump says?


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    • Trump is a ticking time bomb.Everytime he opens that rude mouth of his someone gets hurt.I hate the fact he gets away with slating ANYONE but this parasite needs to look closer to home when needing to call a place a shithole.

  1. Why aren’t more Nigerians angry about the Nigerian slave trade? I want to hear you ask Nigerians that. TODAY Libyans are kidnapping hundreds of Nigerians and beating them and kidnapping them into slavery and every day more Nigerians keep ending up in this slavery. Why care about what trump said when real arabs are beating and torturing africans every day. Please ask that.

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  3. Shit hole or not. Our leaders should fix the holes in their leaking rooftops. Let the citizenry have better life not suffering from cradle to grave. That’s my take on Trump’s speech

  4. Yes, is a shit scamming country. Look at the amount of money these people have scammed from all over the world for many years. Yet, people still fall for this type of get rich quick scams. So, yes, Nigerians are rude people, they don’t care who they screw over to get ahead on life. There is no love for them, they only want more kids to learn their scams and teach it over and over to a corrupt government.
    So, Yes, Nigeria is a scam. Revoke all student visas, medical and all support of to this country.

  5. Absolutely shithole rules crookedly uncivilized Democratically no good road no standard electricity refineries zero all industries zero incapable administration , yeah really Nigerians abroad mainly in United States of America where. God them.to develop their skills which evil ? system won’t let them be if they’re in Nigeria even those in that have great skills to make Nigeria great all where denied due to wicked administration gold ? is made for those who knows the value

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