What annoys you about your university? Is it the lecturers, accommodation, students…?

We asked students at Olabisi Onabanjo University the things about their university that make them angry.

“Wetin be that number one thing wey dey vex you for this school!”

Here are some of their answers…

“It’s too hot,” one guy tells Warri Pikin.

“So it’s the university that caused the sun?” Warri asks.



“The mode of transportation dey very very heartbreaking to me!” one man tells Warri Pikin.

“Person no fit bleach for this school,” one man describes how bad the heat is to Warri Pikin.

“The number one thing na stress…to withdraw your own money for bank gast go through stress!” a young man tells Warri Pikin.

What about your university makes YOU angry?

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