What attracts you sexually to another person?

What attracts Nigerians to members of the opposite sex? BattaBox hits the streets of Lagos to find out.

Like it is said in the adage that, “the beautiful ones are not yet born”. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and so it is in the person consciously or unconsciously. We took to the street of Lagos to find out what attracts the beholder in the body of beauty.

“When I see a nice girls bum on the road attracts me – I can’t take my eyes off it,” says one young Nigerian man.

“What will attract me is her back, her shape, everything about her,” says another your man.

“If the guy is tall, not too short, and has a fine shape, then I will be attracted to him,” says a young woman.

No one is ugly, there is an element(s) of beauty in every existing being in the whole of the world. The way beauty is seen by individuals differs and that is what we touching today. We had some sections with the people on the street and there were a lot of hilarious comments we got. Watch and Comment on this video!

Your sense of attraction is determined by………..YOU!!!

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