What do football fans at World Cup know about Nigeria?

BattaBox is in Russia to watch the World Cup and asks football fans from across the world – what do they know about Nigeria, and do they know any pidgin english?

Russia World Cup 2018 is an incredible place, the sun is shining, and we speak to fans from Argentina, Egypt, Russia, Poland, USA, and many other places.

“I’m from Hawaii, USA, and I’m wearing a Nigerian football top because it’s my dream that an African team wins the world cup,” says one man with dreadlocks.

“Nigeria is a nice country in Africa with an amazing football team,” said one guy. “And they have wonderful dancing.”

“Nigeria is a big country and I know Nigerians who studied in university here in Moscow.”

Nigeria is now out of the world cup but their legacy – and memory of their amazing tops – has lasted long after the team have headed home after a commendable response.


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  1. Books written by Nigerian authers were translated to Russian language, so I know Nigeria due to it’s modern literature (+ football team)

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