What If You Catch Your Partner CHEATING On You?

What do you do if you catch your partner cheating on you? BattaBox wants to find out what exactly is cheating, and how would you punish your partner if you found out they were cheating on you.

“If you catch someone cheating on you – they can be stoned to death if you are married, if you are not married then they should be caned,” says one young Nigerian man. “That’s what my religion says.”

“If you cheat and have an affair on your partner, the punishment should be castration,” exclaims a young Nigerian woman.

Cheating or having an affair is described as being sexually unfaithful in your relationship. And many Nigerians appear to agree as almost everyone (but not all o!) said that even a small kiss on the lips should be considered cheating on your husband or wife.

“Holding hands or kissing on the cheek is fine, but mouth to mouth with someone’s wife is cheating, and can cause you to come to blows with the other man,” explains a Nigerian business man BattaBox asked in Lagos.

But BattaBox wanted to really explore the theme of cheating in Nigeria, and so also asked if people, if they don’t catch their husband or wife with the other person, would they want to know, or if they were cheating – would they tell?!

“No, you shhould not tell your partner if you cheat on them – it’s not easy – and not everyone can take it,” laughs on Nigerian lady. “for example, like me, I don’t want to hear it, speaking from my own experience. What I don’t know, won’t kill me.”

“If you cheat on your partner just once, if it’s not a constant thing, then fine – it’s easy to forgive and forget,” says one Lagos guy.

“If you trust them, maybe you can trust them to tell them,” says one girl.

But what happens if you find out that your partner cheats on you with someone else? What should be their punishment?

“You can go on a break, for a few months, and then you can maybe try it again,” says a Nigerian man.

“I would not pick her call,” says one man. “You can end the relationship.”

So, gist us in the comments – what would you do if you catch your partner cheating on you?


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