HILARIOUS: what makes a ‘Lagos Big Boy’?!

What is a Lagos big boy or big girl?

Is a Lagos big boy a guy that has nice cars, spends a lot of money, travels all over the world, is always seen around Lagos with the hottest babes……????

Is a Lagos big girl a fine babe that has the most expensive clothes, shoes, bags…???

We asked Fluorin YP to find out what makes someone a Lagos big boy/big girl.

Here are some of their HILARIOUS answer…

“Gast have attitude… if you’re overseas…your attitude smells of Lagos. The way you talk, the places you will go and eat!” one guy exclaims.

“He has brain, he has money, he’s good looking,” one young lady says.

“Yahoo, yahoo, yahoo…if your Yahoo game no strong, you no fit be Lagos big boy!” one guy insists.

“A real Lagos big boy has NAFDAC number. They always tattoo their NAFDAC number somewhere,” someone tells YP.

What about a Lagos big girl?

“They pay for their own drinks, they pay for my recharge card,” one man explains.

“Runs now, all na runs…they carry sugar daddy!”


Do you agree?

Do these things make you a Lagos big boy or big girl?

Thanks for watching!

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