Where To Buy The Best Aso Oke Fabric In Lagos

Nigerians don’t joke when it comes to looking good!

Whether it’s a wedding, party, even a funeral, we like to wear the best native attire in order to stand out from the crowd.

Aso Oke By Phortizo is a company that makes GORGEOUS fabric for just about every occasion based right here in Lagos State! They even made BollyLomo’s world famous red cap sef LOL!

They make aso oke beads, caps…they even make aso oke bras! Yes that’s right – aso oke bras!


The CEO, Ikeoluwa Benson, took time out of her busy schedule to sit down with BattaBox to tell us how she turns her clients’ wildest imaginations into reality!

“I started Aso Oke By Phortizo in 2013 when I was waiting for NYSC.”

“We do consultations, custom made, training…”

To order aso oke from Aso Oke By Phortizo you can contact Ikeoluwa on:

Tel: +2348060708123

Email: ikeoluwa89@gmail

You can also follow her on Instagram @asooke_byphortizo.

What are YOU waiting for??? Order your aso oke NOW!

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