Where to find the small gods of Isefun town in Nigeria

In every region in the world, traditions of different kinds exist. And in this case, the story we have brought to you involves the tradition and beliefs of the Isefun people, in Ayobo town, Lagos state, Nigeria.

Oro Isefun is a tradition of the Isefun people of Ayobo, Lagos. In Nigeria, we have different cultural practice and traditions but the amazing thing is that we still have a lot of people who still in this traditions including the people in urban regions. Africa has a whole, are really strong when it comes all these beliefs as it is still a major part of their day to day living most especially, the undeveloped areas.

Thank you to the Baale (ruler) of Isefun olounda, High Chief Oke Aminu for making this video beautiful by taking time to give us some insights on the region’s beliefs, and tradition of the area. We had the opportunity to visit where they worship their small gods, touch on the history of the region, the way and manner the gods are being worshipped and finally, the reasons they worship these gods.

Isefun has an amazing history that most people do not really know or have not heard of, that is why we are so joyous to have gone to this length to shed light on this native story. If you will love to see more native stories like this, let us know in the comment section and don’t forget to support us via patreon as this stories do not come for free. We spend a lot that goes into logistics and settlements to make those stories happen and we can’t coup that all from our revenue from youtube.