Who Was The Most WICKED Teacher In Your School?

I’m sure we can all remember that one teacher at school that was VERY WICKED!

That teacher that no amount of “Yes Ma”, “Sorry Sir”, “I won’t do it again Ma” could save you from the punishment!

We sent Timothy out and about to find out from Nigerians, who those teachers were and what made them so wicked.

Here are some of their HILARIOUS answers…

“He had this very funny and annoying cane…’Bone Crusher’. That thing will crush your life!”


“We used to have one teacher… Mr Know God.”

Loooool! I’m weak!!!! The name alone is a warning!

“He beat the hell out of me and sent me to heaven!”


Do you remember the most wicked teacher in your school?

Oya start exposing them! They can’t flog you now! LOL!

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Oya expose the wicked teachers here! They can’t flog you now LOL!
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