Who’s at fault in the film – Acrimony ??

Hollywood movie Acrimony is a psychological thriller about a faithful woman (played by Taraji P. Henson) who is furious after being – what she sees as – betrayed by her husband (Lyriq Bent) and decides to take revenge.

And the movie has generated enormous reaction among movie fans in Nigeria – who is to blame, who do you feel sorry, do you think anyone is a hero?

Melinda is a steadfast, hardworking wife who supports her husband, Robert, an engineer pursuing a launch of his invention. A running total/dwindling balance of the proceeds Melinda receives after her mother’s death is portrayed as the couple gets in over their heads in debt, which fractures their marriage over time.

“I was watching that movie and I was crying,” says on Lagos woman. “Guys are terrible and they are not worth doing anything for.”

“In that movie Acrimony – giving $10million to someone who is not your wife, to your ex, that you don’t have any responsibility to – that’s too generous of the guy!” says on Nigerian businessman.

BattaBox presenter Folly hits the streets of Lagos to find some Nigerian movie fans to analyse the film Acrimony, directed by Tyler Perry, with.

What’s your take on the Hollywood movie Acrimony? gist us in the comments below.

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