Why are women shamed for having SEX with multiple lovers?

Why are men praised and women are shamed for having sex with multiple lovers? Can women have sex with multiple lovers in Nigeria? And, if they do, why are they insulted? And not the men?

“Let me call it – a man’s world,” says one young Nigerian man in Lagos. “Women can’t compare themselves with men, and being a girl, a lot of things are expected from you. A man can get away with anything, but a woman cannot not.”

Nigeria is a very male-dominated society and culture, and young boys are often brought up to sleep with numerous women but girls are shamed if they have several sexual partners. Gender equality is not in Nigeria yet o and men in many local cultures can still marry more than once and have numerous concubines.

“You cannot allow women to behave anyway and sleep with lots of different guys, as it’s the women who cause infection in a guy’s body. Not everyone should be allowed to see a woman’s nakedness,’ says another Nigerian man.

What are your thoughts? Why are women in Nigeria shamed for having sex with multiple lovers?

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