Why Girls are tagged Promiscuous in Nigeria?

It was a nice experience we had with our attendees to our section at the Social Media Week Lagos. A big thank you to everyone who signed up but were unable to make it, to everyone who made it to the session and also to Ellen Ukpi, our guest presenter for volunteering to host this on-site gist.

What we will be discussing in this video is, why do girls who know so much about sex are termed promiscuous in Nigeria. Share with us your views on this topic in the comments section, we would love to hear from you.

Every child/youth/adult is exposed to what the people around them make of the way to view society. And on this topic, girls seem to be the subject as we touch on the way people around see them and what it should be. Found out!!!

Our session, Tour of Original Naija with BattaBox was an interesting experience for us, a sincere means to learn and know about our offline audience, what they like, stories they will love to see from us and what catches their interests.

We were so excited and still excited to have had everyone show up and expect more exciting offline session will intend to organize in the future.

What do you think of today’s topic? Share with us in the comment section.