Will the new Ikeja Bus Terminal make life better or worse for people in Lagos?

Lagos state has opened a new bus terminal in the heart of the city to help alleviate the problem of the traffic and go-slows – but do they also plan to remove the yellow danfos and make bus conductors wear suits?

The new Ikeja bus terminal was commissioned by Buhari on March 28, 2018, together with Lagos Governor Ambode.

“I commend the Governor for development and strides he recorded within the first three years of governance. I recognize the push of the State Government in reforming public transportation especially the Bus Reform Project which will make modern transport buses that are air-conditioned available to the people,” said President Buhari.

The Lagos state government has tried to do this before with BRT and LAGBUS, but many of the buses are now older and the uniforms in bad shape.

“It won’t work in Lagos,” says one Nigerian street hustler. “The population is too much so they will still need danfo buses.”

“It should not take jobs from danfo drivers, and when people want to go to work, the danfos are the life savers,” says one Lagos girl.

But many Lagosians are hopeful that the new project will open p new areas in Lagos for property, business, as well as jobs.

“It’s very nice, the building and structure, it looks very modern,” says one Nigerian guy. “And this road will make traffic flow a lot faster.”

Do you think the new project will work?

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