Would You Cheat On Your Girlfriend If No One Would Find Out?


What happens when you’re in a relationship but you like another person as well?

Would it be wrong to cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend or is it only wrong if they find out?

BattaBox decided to ask Nigerians what they would do if they were faced with such a dilemma.

Here are some of their interesting answers…

“Have you ever been in a situation where you like two people at the same time,” BollyLomo asks a young lady.


“So if I gave you a catch…you can get with him and the other person would never find out. Would you do it?”

“Possibly!” she laughs.

“Ah ah..I be Lagos boy now..straight up!” a young man answers Bolly.

“On a serious note, I won’t,” another man replies.

What would you do?

Would you be unfaithful if no one would find out?

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