The rules of dating are always changing but there’s one rule that is still heavily debated – the don’t have sex on a first date rule.

So we asked Fluorin YP to find out what Nigerians think.

Is it OK to have sex on a first date?

Here are some of their interesting answers…

“I might just feel like God just really wants to favour me with pussy,” one man laughs.

“If she’s not asking for money I will give her respect. I can’t do her on the first date,” a man tells YP.

“It’s possible. Depending on the level at which you met each other,” a lady explains.

Would you have sex on a first date?

Have you had sex on a first date before?

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  1. Yes, is very possible to have sex on first date because before than, both if you have been talking about sex or some dirty talk…
    So if the feelings is there. Anything can happen.

  2. Comment:Having sex on a first date is irresponsible,cheap and lose.Anything that carries value,worth waiting for