Would You Leave Your Girlfriend For Money?

How much would you charge to leave your girlfriend?

10,000 naira,

100,000 naira,

1,000,000 NAIRA???

We sent BollyLomo out and about to find out from Nigerians how much money they would charge, to leave their girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife.

Here are some of their HILARIOUS answers…

“My girlfriend right now, I can’t say she’s my future…that money is my future…If you say wife, I can decline but girlfriend, if they give her the money, she sef go leave me!”

“For sure! Love is a transaction…even God, for him to love you, you need to give him something.”

What do you think?

Would you leave your girlfriend/boyfriend for money?!!

Thanks for watching!


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  1. Solomon ndubueze i say my people the man who call himslf father, so much leid to his family he also following other women out side oooooo make na come see kwon one trut for his mouth if this man make na run way, the man from afara umuizu this man no father aretal i solomon hat him

  2. I can leave my girl friend. bcus of money, bcus is money dat she want frm me. and if i dont have money, she can leave me too. and is my girl friend not my wife

  3. Comment:4 sure bcouz avrge numbr of galfrndz datz wat dy wnt 4rm u d ego so y nt 2lve d idiot..

  4. Comment: Money is not every thing. Love is more than money. What love will not offer you, money can not buy it for you.

  5. Comment:i will not leave her bcos of money. Money can not buy love, so love is everything dat is why JESUS die 4 our sins.

  6. if my girlfriend is demanding too much I will leave her.. because such a girl didn’t love me at all… she is only after my money then when am short of cash that kind of girl will run away for me… so is better for me to leave her before she will leave me. thanks you

  7. Comment:I no go fit lif my girl friend bcos of money. Me and her fit join hand togeda and make money and we go start to dey gbadun togeda. May be na di wife wey God don prepare for you be dat wey you no know.

  8. Comment:any body who lve his girlfreind bcos of mony do not truely love her,bcos if u truely luv her u can sercrify everything on her behalf.

  9. Comment:money cnt buy tru love hapiness is an healthy status to d hrt wen dere money den no joy dat money is useless, it is said dat d rich also cry tank u.

  10. Comment:i can leave my girl friend bcos of money if i do it means i dont luv her,am jst decieving her nt luv

  11. Comment:they still good ones out of Dem,God help us,if I remember of Dem,like seriously I will leave my yf 4 #hundreds,bcos 85% of Dem are not good and they deserve neither good nor care.

  12. Comment: since we love each other why should i leav her bcs of money,my love is my happiness so why should i sell my happiness to another man bcs of money.

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