which Nigerian tribe has the best native food?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfrSpbzphmYBattaBox loves Nigerian food - anywhere you can find it in the world - and we find it in some wonderful places. So we asked our Canada presenter to look for some Nigerian Suya in Toronto."My suya just arrived...
Battabox presenter Timothy discovers the most delicious roadside sandwiches made with our very own Agege bread in Obalende Ikoyi. It is rich, fresh and one portion is enough to feed three people.
“The no 1 problem of Nigeria, is mass ignorance…When we talk of the mass ignorance of the people, it’s because they are not educated. At best, they are academically wired. Academics is different from education.”
Battabox presenter Odunayo asks Nigerian men on the streets of Lagos - Would You Take Care Of Your Baby While Your Wife Goes Away For A Year? and some of their replies were shocking.
The Olympic Games just ended and the Paralympic games is about to begin, therefore our Paralympians in Nigeria are preparing and practicing for Rio 2016.