Introducing Nigeria’s FIRST EVER BOBSLED team!!

Nigeria has no snow or ice. But now we have a bobsled team - and they can DANCE too! ?

Does Nigeria’s Aso Rock have Spiritual Powers?

Nigeria's Aso Rock is one of the most famous landmarks in Nigeria, but does it have spiritual powers?

Top 5 FUNNIEST Videos of Nigerian Politicians

These are the top 5 funniest videos of Nigerian politicians you'll ever see!

Crazy Stories of Nigeria’s “Agbero”

Meet one of the craziest people on the streets of Nigeria - the Agbero!

How to find the Best Nigerian Street Snacks

BattaBox shows how to find the best Nigerian Street snacks, or Small Chops as we love to call them!

MonkeyPox Hits Nigeria

The deadly disease MonkeyPox has hit Nigeria, and BattaBox goes in search of the cause...

What If You Catch Your Partner CHEATING On You?

Hilarious video asking Nigerians how would you punish your partner if they cheat on you!

Our Top 5 Favorite BattaBox Videos!

BattaBox is Nigeria Like you’ve Never Seen Before! And we've put together some of our presenter's Top 5 favorite videos out of Nigeria!

How To Make The Best Nigerian Fufu

Nigerian Fufu is one of the most important dishes in Nigeria's delicious cuisine - BattaBox shows you how to make the best Nigerian Fufu!

What Happens When Nigerian Coffee Bar Gets a New Loan

A new Nigerian coffee start up has opened up in Lagos - all because of a new Lagos loan initiative!

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