MUST WATCH: BattaBox DIY Squad Completely Transform Mr Biggie’s Home!

OMG!! Watch the video to see BattaBox's Do It Yourself Squad completely TRANSFORM Mr Biggie's house!!

Do Nigerians Know What The Commonwealth Is?

Do you know what the Commonwealth is? Watch the video to learn about the association that Nigeria has been a part of for decades!

How To Make Chocolate In Nigeria

Watch the video to learn how to make the most DELICIOUS chocolate in Nigeria!

Do You Prefer IGBO Or YORUBA Men?!

Who do Nigerian ladies prefer? Igbo or Yoruba men? Watch the video to find out!

Nigerians: Is Warri BETTER Than Port Harcourt?!

Where is BETTER - Warri or Port Harcourt?!! Watch the HILARIOUS video to find out!

Where To Buy The BEST Made-In-Nigeria Brands!

Want to know where to buy the BEST Made-In-Nigeria Brands??? Check out the Simply Nigerian Fair!

INSPIRING: The Blind Engineer

Watch and be inspired by this visually impaired engineer's story.

Extraordinary Photos of Underwater Lagos

OMG! Find out what is happening UNDERWATER in Nigeria!

INCREDIBLE: Nigeria’s Miracle School

The Ife Series continues with the inspiring story of the Miracle School. Watch the video to learn more.

If Each Of Your Exes Gave You 1000 NAIRA: How Much Money Would You Have?!

If each of YOUR exes gave you N1000 – How much would YOU have? Watch the video to hear others' HILARIOUS answers!

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