Crazy Photos: Stacks Of Millions Of Dollars Seized in Nigeria

It is now an habit for us to hear about flying millions and billions stashed all around in places that are quite despicable. We don tire! In as much as we don't if and when those money found have been collected back. We here...

BattaBox Presenters Explore Important Places In Ile-Ife

Watch the fascinating video to learn more about the rich history and culture of Ile-Ife!

Does Wearing A Suit Make You Responsible?

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Nigerians: Do You Have Access To Clean Water?

Do you have access to clean water? Watch the informative video to find out how others are coping without steady water supply.

Top 8 Photos: Nigerians kneeling for their Oga at the Top!

Photos of Nigerians kneeling before their bosses have gone viral - we list the top 8 for you!

When Was The Last Time You Had Sex?

When was the last time YOU had sex? Watch the HILARIOUS video to hear what others had to say!

Top 7 Facts about Kemi Olunloyo

HMMM! Read interesting gist about the Port Harcourt Prison inmate Kemi Olunloyo.

Should Bus Conductors In Nigeria Wear Uniforms?

Should bus conductors in Lagos wear uniforms? Watch the video to find out!

Should Nigerian Children Be On Social Media?

How young is too young for a social media account? Watch the video to find out!

The History Of Warri’s Famous Starch & Owo Soup

Have you tasted Warri's famous Starch and Owo Soup? Watch the mouthwatering video.

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