BattaBox Jumia DIY Squad Reduced To Tears By Homeless Woman

In this emotional episode of BattaBox DIY Squad, we surprised one of the homeless, former Otodo-Gbame residents, with a brand new home!

BattaBox Presenters Read Your HILARIOUS Comments!

Watch the BattaBox presenters read and answer your HILARIOUS comments!

Who Was The Most WICKED Teacher In Your School?

Do you remember that wicked teacher in school that used to make you start sweating before he has even entered the class? Watch the HILARIOUS video, we are exposing all of them today LOL!!!

Should Men Be Paid More Than Women For Doing The Same Job?!

BattaBox's Odunayo hit the streets of Lagos to find out whether Nigerians think it's OK for men to be paid more than women for doing the exact same job. Watch the informative video.

How Football Players Are Scammed In Nigeria

Have you ever wanted to pursue your dreams so badly that you paid hundreds of thousands of naira for something that later turned out to be a scam? Watch the video to hear what happened to this young aspiring professional footballer.

Turn your DisABILITY into an ABILITY with CCD

Centre for Citizens with Disabilities aims to eradicate the stigma and create opportunities for Nigerians with disabilities. Watch the informative video to learn more!

Grab-A-Brush and Colour A Life with The Lady Painter!

The Lady Painter's initiative is to transform the appearance of Nigeria's public schools, one painting at a time! Watch the video to learn more!

Should Lagos State Replace Danfos With 5000 New Buses?

Should the Lagos State Government replace danfos with 5000 new buses??? Watch the video to find out.

Should Former Premier League Players Play In The Nigerian League?

Should Nigerians that used to play in the English Premier League, come and play in the Nigerian League? Watch the video to find out!

How Did Your Parents Tell You About Sex?

How did your parents tell you about sex? Watch the HILARIOUS video to find out how others learnt about the birds and the bees.

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