OMG: Lagos Homes Demolished With Residents Inside!

Imagine coming home and seeing that your entire house has been completely demolished?! This is what happened in Otodo Gbame, a fishing community in Lagos, Nigeria...Watch the emotional video to hear the heartbreaking story!

How To Eat Ewa Agoyin With Agege Bread

LOL learn how to chop ewa agoyin and Agege bread the correct, Naija way, with Warri Pikin!!

Would You Leave Your Girlfriend For Money?

Watch the HILARIOUS video to find out how much Lagosians would charge to leave their girlfriends!!

Top 10 Most Stylish Male Musicians in Nigeria

We list the top 10 style icons in Nigeria's music industry!

Where Is The Beach In Port Harcourt?!

Do you know where the Port Harcourt beach is? Watch the video to find out!

When Nigerians Divorce Should The Father Take Care Of The Children?

In the event that a marriage breaks down, who should look after the children, the mother or the father? Watch the video to find out!

BattaBox Presenter Shows LASTMA Love!

BattaBox presenter, Lolade, hit the streets of Lagos to show LASTMA love! Watch the video to see the hardworking officer's heartwarming smiles!

What Do You Love About Your Mother?

Happy Mother's Day!! What do we love about our mothers??? Watch this heartwarming video to find out!

How Does The Average Nigerian Survive Without Electricity?

How are YOU coping in Nigeria? Do you have basic, electricity, water....? Watch the informative video to find out how others are surviving!!

Should Nigeria Be Importing Garri From India?!

Is it right for Nigeria to be importing garri from India??? Watch the video to find out!

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