Would You Give Your Bank OR Phone Password To Your Partner??

Would you give your bank OR your mobile phone password to your partner?? Check out these hilarious answers!

THANK YOU! BattaBox Hits 100,000 Subscribers!!

Nigeria's most popular video entertainment channel has reached 100,000 subscribers on BattaBox!! Thank You!!

Do You Trust Nigerian Hospitals?

BattaBox asks Nigerians what they think of their HealthCare system and hospitals?

How to HUNT Wild Animals in Africa

Hunting wild animals in Africa is a tradition that goes back to our ancestors, so BattaBox took our cameras on a hunting trip in Nigeria.

What are the LIES that Men tell Women the most?

What are the most common lies that Nigerian men will tell women? We find out...!

Huge Conference for Nigerian Mums comes to Lagos!

The amazing LagosMums organised the first conference of it's kind for Nigerian mothers!

How much Money to leave the Love Of Your Life?

How much money would you accept to leave the love of your life?!

The Different Types of Nigeria’s Special Beef Jerky!

Meet Nigeria's most famous dried meat Kilishi - it's delicious and very similar to America's Beef Jerky!

Inside the Prison of Obafemi Awolowo

Obafemi Awolowo was one the great Independence leaders of Nigeria - this is an exclusive look at his prison after he was sentenced to treason.

Introducing Nigeria’s FIRST EVER BOBSLED team!!

Nigeria has no snow or ice. But now we have a bobsled team - and they can DANCE too! ?

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