What Happens When Nigerian Cook Gets a New Loan

Mrs Comfort Orji is a caterer in Lagos, Nigeria, and is a beneficiary of the LSETF loan. She now cooks and serves tasty snacks!

Who is the Decision Maker – Husband or Wife?

Nigeria is a patriarchal society - men are normally head of the household. But who is the really best decision maker - the husband or wife?

Nigeria’s Dangerous Street Drug Epidemic

BattaBox explores Nigeria's new, dangerous drug problem as cheap drugs, like codeine and morphine, threaten the country's youth.

Do Nigerians think it’s more important to pay TAX or TITHE?

Do Nigerians prefer to pay their tax or tithe? You might be shocked by some of these answers...!

Nollywood Movie Review: Dognapped & Silver Spoon!

This week BattaBox reviews the latest, biggest Nollywood releases - Dognapped and Silver Spoon!

Crazy Stories from Nigeria’s “Face Me, I Face You”

Welcome to Nigeria's Face Me, I Face You, or, as it is hilariously known in Nigeria, "Face Me, I Slap You!"

Are Inter-Ethnic Marriages Acceptable in Nigeria?

Are Inter-Ethnic Marriages acceptable in Nigeria? Hear what Nigerians have to say!

Nigerian Paints DONALD TRUMP as African Military Dictator

Trump is very popular in Nigeria - with 67% approval - but a new painting has stirred up some controversy!

8 Famous Foreigners Who Worked In Nigeria First

Nigeria has been a launching pad for a surprising number of foreigners - who became famous after working in Nigeria first!

Do you prefer SEX with lights ON or OFF?

Do people like the lights on or off when they have sex? BattaBox presenter Warri Pikin hits the streets to find out - with hilarious results!

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