6 Photos of Buhari Released To Prove He’s Alive

Nigeria's president Buhari is not well and disappeared from public view many times - but photos always emerge to prove he's still alive.

8 most shared photos of Floods in Lagos

These are the craziest photos that Nigerians are sharing of the floods in Lagos, Nigeria.

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What should you do if you get a girl you don't love pregnant? Watch the video to find out!

AMAZING: BattaBox Jumia DIY Squad Surprise Family Of 8!!!

In this emotional episode of BattaBox Jumia DIY Squad, we surprised the Adeyemi's, a family of 8, by completely renovating their home!!

Chaos As Protests Shutdown Dangote Plantation in Nigeria

Protests shuts down Dangote's Sugar plantation for 3 weeks after he fires 3000 people.

HILARIOUS: what makes a ‘Lagos Big Boy’?!

Want to know how to be a Lagos big boy??? Watch the HILARIOUS video!

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Watch the video to learn how to make a Yoruba talking drum!

HILARIOUS: Two DRUNK Angry Men Movie!

Two Angry Men star in a fictional origin story COMING SOON!!! Watch the HILARIOUS trailer NOW!!!

Campus Torch Finds Jobs For Nigerian Students!

Watch how Campus Torch is helping Nigerian students find jobs before they graduate!

What Are You Expecting From Your Football Team Next Season?

Watch the interesting video to find out what football fans are expecting from their teams next season.

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