How To Make Your Own Shoes In Nigeria

Want to learn how to make your own shoes? Watch the video!

Do You Know Viral Hepatitis Can Be More Dangerous Than HIV?!

Do you know Viral Hepatitis can be more dangerous than HIV??? Watch the informative video to find out!

Should You Return Gifts When A Relationship Ends?

When a relationship ends, should you return the things he or she bought for you? Watch the HILARIOUS video to find out what others would do!

Ghosts & Missing Bodies in Nigerian Graveyards

Do you believe in Ghosts? BattaBox heads to the cemetery to ask Nigeria's undertakers... spooky!

Should Nigerians Go To Prison For Drilling Domestic Boreholes?

Is it right to ban Nigerians from drilling domestic boreholes? Is a prison sentence too harsh? Watch the video to find out how Nigerians feel!

BattaBox Presenters Explore Important Place In Ile-Ife: Part 2

Odunayo's tour of Ile-Ife continues...Watch the video to join her on her exciting journey!

If You Were A Billionaire Would You Let Your Child Get A Job?

If YOU were a billionaire, would you still make your child work? Watch the interesting video to learn what others would do.

Would You Cheat On Your Girlfriend If No One Would Find Out?

Would YOU cheat on your girlfriend/boyfriend if no one would find out? Watch the video to find out who you should avoid LOL!

Have You Ever Seen A Tourist Attraction In Port Harcourt?

Have you visited any tourist attractions in Port Harcourt? Share your experiences with us!

Should Big Brother Naija Be Banned?

Should Big Brother Naija be banned???? Watch the video to find out!

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