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BattaBox presenter Timothy stop a couple of men on the streets of Lagos to ask them and check for himself what they carry in their backpacks.
Today on BattaBox, Adeola and BollyLomo go to a Health Center in Lagos to get tested for HIV. Although Bolly was too scared, he still went through with it.
BattaBox presenter Timothy asks some ladies in Lagos Nigeria - How do you romance your man? And their honesty and answers would shock you.
BattaBox presenters Odunayo and Kayode visited the popular Mushin perishable market in Lagos to talk to traders and customers about how the hike in tomatoes have affected their business.
Today on BattaBox, harry and James try to wear Waist Trainers for the first time. After all women wear it for hours everyday, their big bellies should be able to fit in.
BattaBox presenter Mary visits Mrs Jumoke - a virgin hair and wig supplier in London who talks about hair business and moving from Nigeria to London.