What would you say to Buhari if you met him today?

What would you Nigerians in Lagos say to Buhari if they met him today?

How to make clothes from recycled plastic bags

One man's trash is another man's treasure - meet BamBam who makes clothes, shoes, and backpacks from recycled plastic bags.

One BAD characteristic Nigerian parents hope their children don’t copy!

BattaBox asks Nigerians to name one bad person they do not want their children to emulate - and the answers are crazy!

Are Nigerian Women Romantic?

BattaBox heads to the streets of Lagos to ask if Nigerian women are romantic - and we get some surprising answers!

How to use Social Media for BUSINESS

How to use Social Media for business in Nigeria - lessons and advice from the best in Nigeria!

What if you catch your partner cheating before your Wedding Day??

What would you do if you catch the love of your life cheating the day before your wedding day?

What happened When Got A New Loan

Jand2Gidi deliver anything from the UK - from groceries, keys, perfumes, anything - to Lagos. And they've used a new loan from LSETF to expand their business.

BattaBox heads to Lagos Trade Fair

BattaBox heads to the Lagos Trade Fair, which brings you the best of everything from Nigeria!

How to CHARGE YOUR MOBILE on the streets of Lagos

How to charge your mobile phone when you have no electricity in Nigeria.

Meet “Dr Clean” who cleans clothes for Doctors and Nurses

Meet "Dr Clean" who has set up a business that washes clothes for doctors and nurses.

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