How Does The Average Nigerian Survive Without Electricity?

How are YOU coping in Nigeria? Do you have basic, electricity, water....? Watch the informative video to find out how others are surviving!!

Should Nigeria Be Importing Garri From India?!

Is it right for Nigeria to be importing garri from India??? Watch the video to find out!

OMG! Mysterious Poisonous Soot Covers Port Harcourt!

OMG! Watch the video to learn about the mysterious cloud of soot that is taking over Port Harcourt

CRAZY PHOTOS: Mysterious Poisonous Soot covers Port Harcourt

A mysterious , poisonous black soot has appeared in Port Harcourt. Here are some of the craziest photos...

Top 5 FAKE Things On A Nigerian Girl’s Body!

Nigerian girls are good at looking good... but not without most of them having artificial things to compliment!

If You See These Nigerian MAIDS – Run Away!!

Almost all Nigerian homes have maids to help with the cleaning and children. But sometimes, they cause more problems than they are worth!

Is Warri Pidgin English The Original Nigerian Pidgin?!

Is Warri the birthplace of Nigerian pidgin English?? Watch the HILARIOUS video to find out!

The Crown Maker Of Ile-Ife

Kayode and Odunayo continue their exploration of the beautiful Yoruba city, Ife by visiting a local crown maker.

Introducing Nigeria’s FIRST EVER BOBSLED team!!

Nigeria has no snow or ice. But now we have a bobsled team - and they can DANCE too! 😍

How to get a 5-minute Manicure in Nigeria

Watch the video to find out where you can get your hair, nails... done for less than 1000 NAIRA on the streets of Lagos!

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