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One of the hardest and most tedious jobs in Nigeria are the Laborer (pon pon carrier) jobs. BattaBox asks them about why they work for such little money.

BattaBox finds out what Nigerians watched on their first Televisions!

BattaBox presenter Odunayo hits the streets of Lagos to ask - which state should be removed from the map in Nigeria?

Midwife uses Calabash and Mirror for ultra-sound in Government-registered Traditional Midwife centre in Lagos... but that's not stopping their popularity. Watch Now.

Despite many Nigerian Comedy jokes - farting can be no joking matter! BattaBox heads to the streets of Lagos to ask Nigerians if they would fart in front of their loved ones?

A Nigeria, who works under a bridge in Lagos, claims to have a cure for many eye problems - but would you visit him?

Many men and women get married thinking only of their spouse alone, but forgetting they have families... who are the real troublemakers?

In Yoruba - Abobaku is "The one who dies with the King" - but the Abobaku has run rather than be buried with the king... we ask Nigerians if they would run as well?!