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Battabox presenter precious attended the African Fashion Week which held at the Design Exchange in Toronto, Canada.
On this week's episode of conversations with Labo, Labo Daniel had a conversation with Battabox’s co-founder, Yemisi Ilo on how she has been able to fight unexpected challenges
Harrison Hamson who lives in Benin Republic asks Nigerians around the city why they left Nigeria in search for a better life.
A trader in Lagos Mr Joachim Iroko Chinakwe was recently reported to the police by his northern neighbor and arrested for naming his dog "Buhari" , after the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
which Nigerian tribe has the best native food? loves Nigerian food - anywhere you can find it in the world - and we find it in some wonderful places. So we asked our Canada presenter to look for some Nigerian Suya in Toronto."My suya just arrived...