Campus Torch Finds Jobs For Nigerian Students!

Watch how Campus Torch is helping Nigerian students find jobs before they graduate!

What Are You Expecting From Your Football Team Next Season?

Watch the interesting video to find out what football fans are expecting from their teams next season.

What About Your University Makes You Angry?

What annoys you about your university? Is it the lecturers, accommodation, students...?

Student Crayfish Seller Talks Men, Business and Future Plans

This week Odunayo talks men, business and future plans with Queen Edet, the student crayfish seller.

The Student Crayfish Seller

This young student started a crayfish delivery business. Watch the video to see how she earns a living selling crayfish.

How To Get A First Class Degree

Do you want to know how to get a first class in a Nigerian university? Watch the video!

Would You Have Sex On The first Date?

Would YOU have sex on a first date?

Would You Tell Your Mum Your Dad Is Cheating?

Would YOU tell your mum that your dad is cheating? Watch the video to find out what others would do.

Do You Prefer Local or Foreign Alcoholic Drinks?

Do you prefer local or foreign alcoholic drinks? Watch the video to find out what Nigerians prefer.

LOL: BollyLomo Runs Lagos Nightclub

In this week's The Hustle, BollyLomo manages Nitro nightclub for the entire night!

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